Risk Management


Every business faces risks. Understanding how to identify and control these risks is one of the key factors that contribute to the overall success of any business. The experts in Diversified Insurance Solutions’ Risk Management Department know how to create and implement custom, well-designed risk management, loss control and safety programs tailored to the specific exposures faced within different industries. Our staff works closely with our clients throughout the year to ensure the success of their safety programs and offer continued support and education.

Reduced Risk = Reduced Cost

This simple formula determines what you pay in insurance premiums. It is based on an analysis of your claims history, existing business exposures, and what is being done to reduce the possibility of future claims. Working as your partner, our in-house risk management professionals calculate your “risk profile”. We then develop a strategic plan that reduces your risk profile score and your overall future insurance costs.

Loss Control

Loss control is essential for effective risk management. Utilizing the proper techniques for your specific industry, our professionals identify and quantify your possible loss exposures. Some exposures can be as obvious as a fire hazard or vehicle collision. Other exposures may be as subtle as contract interpretation or tort liability. Still others can be as complex as OSHA and workers’ compensation compliance.

Our risk management specialists employ a client-focused approach to loss prevention which incorporates the following elements:

  • Loss Prevention
  • Loss Control
  • Loss Management
  • Risk Treatment

Risk Management Services:

Diversified Risk Management Services offers a wide selection of products and services to help reduce risk and their associated costs:

Workers Compensation Consulting

  • OSHA Program Audit
  • Claims Management
  • Mock OSHA Inspections
  • Machine Guarding Audits
  • Training Resources
  • Facility & Job Site Consultative Visits
  • Safety & Health Program Audit
  • Job Hazard Assessments
  • Ergonomic Assessments –Facility & Workstation
  • Industrial Hygiene Testing – Air & Noise
    • Certified Industrial Hygienist

Claims Management

  • Claim Reviews
  • Experience Modification Verification
  • Claim Kit Reviews
    • Return to Work
    • Accident Investigation

Transportation Safety Consulting

  • Fleet Safety Program Assessment
  • Driver Qualification File Review
  • Owned and Non-Owned Auto Policy Review & Development
  • Accident Reporting & Investigation Procedures

Property & Life Safety Consulting

  • Property Protection Survey
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans

Risk Management Preferred Partners:


Diversified Insurance Solutions has partnered with ERI Safety Videos to offer discounted safety training resources to our customers.  Please see their website for a full menu of training resources.  Diversified Insurance Solutions offers a minimum 20% discount to all existing customers.  This is above and beyond ERI’s current multiple rental/purchase discounts.

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One of the great training and certification organizations, the American Red Cross, has partnered with Diversified to help with your education needs.

You will have access to their highly respected trainings like First Aid, CPR, AED and Bloodborne Pathogen. Additionally, the American Red Cross now offers OSHA 10 and 30 for general industry as well as construction.

The OSHA offering is an online certified program that will make you and your team safety experts. To sign up, go to http://www.redcross.org/osha1030. You will see an “Enroll Now” button there. Simply enter the code WIHY02 and you will be eligible to receive up to a 30% discount based on the number of people you will be training. Single seats are $85.00 for the full OSHA 10 certification.

All First Aid, CPR, AED and Bloodborne Pathogen training will be discounted at least 10% when your organization hosts an eight person minimum class at your business.

American Red Cross Overview

What training is right for you

OSHA 10 and 30 hour training

First Aid CPR AED Training

Workplace Safety



Diversified Insurance Solutions, Inc. has partnered with Aurora Health Care to assist in minimizing your loss control costs for preventative and diagnostic procedures.  Working together we will create programs that will help keep your people healthy and on the job, which means higher productivity and lower health costs.

The three areas where we have negotiated discounts include:  Pre-employment services, keeping employees healthy, and getting sick/injured employees back on the job.


Diversified Insurance Solutions has partnered with Cunningham Lindsey to assist in providing a worldwide independent third party evaluation service.  This service is designed to provide an accurate analysis of various types of buildings, personal property and machinery and equipment.  The completed appraisal report will provide the insured with an accurate base to establish insurable values on their property.  For more information see the attached information or contact your Diversified Insurance Solution Risk Manager today!

Value Appraisal Services
2012 Appraisal Casino Brochure
2012 Appraisal Church Brochure
2012 Appraisal Condominium Brochure
2012 Appraisal Lumber Brochure
2012 Appraisal General Brochure
Appraisal Personal Property Brochure