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Human Resources:


By combining integrated technology solutions and HR and Benefits consulting services, Diversified Employer Solutions enables you to simplify the complexity of human resources, benefits and payroll processes resulting in lower operational costs and reduced administration burdens.

Diversified Employer Solutions brings together the best technology and the most comprehensive Benefits and HR expertise and consulting available to take your business to the next level.   Click here for more information.

MarketPlace by Diversified Insurance Solutions:


The MarketPlace by Diversified Insurance Solutions enables companies to execute a Defined Contribution strategy, where you give your employees a set amount of money to spend on health and benefits and they are empowered to choose the combination of coverage that is right for them.

The online marketplace will offer a variety of advantages for employers and employees. Employers can deliver more options and eliminate the old model of creating a one-size-fits-all plan. Employers can also control the rising costs of health insurance by contributing a fixed amount each year and simplify their benefits process since all activities are handled online, through a single source. Finally, the online marketplace will have professional guidance and decision-making tools built into it.

For employees, the marketplace will give them the flexibility to make their own insurance decisions, based on their individual needs. In addition to health insurance, employees can put together a combination of coverage. They can decide whether they’d like to include dental, vision, life or disability as part of their individual insurance package. In some cases, the employer contribution may cover the additional insurance products.

Diversified’s MarketPlace provides ongoing support for your employees including education, technical support and claims service. Our Employee Specialists provide personalized customer service around your entire employee benefit program.  Please contact us at 262.439.4700 or MarketPlace@div-ins.com for more information.

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MarketPlace by Diversified Insurance Solutions - Defined Contribution

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MarketPlace Resources:

MarketPlace Frequently Asked Questions

Private Insurance Exchange from Diversified Insurance Solutions

Defined Contribution Health Plans

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Executive Benefits:

Life insurance and disability coverage are important benefits. There are many types of coverage-many paths to security. Our experience will ensure the road you take is the right one-and that your protection is flexible enough to change direction when life takes an unforeseen turn.

Whether you are setting up an executive retirement plan or simply securing your own future, we can deliver the best prices:

  • Individual and Business Life Insurance Planning
  • Individual and Business Disability
  • Estate Tax Analysis
  • Corporate Buy/Sell and Key Person Insurance
  • Incentive and Deferred Compensation Plans
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Group Term “Carve Out” Plans
  • Long Term Care Planning and Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Annuities

401(k) Plan Design and Implementation:

A 401(k) plan is a vital recruitment and retention tool in today's market, as savvy employees seek out quality retirement plans in tandem with healthcare benefits. We offer extensive experience in designing well-managed, successful 401(k) plans with tax advantages for both employer and employees. Whether you are beginning a 401(k) plan, have an existing plan with substantial assets, or maintain a small 401(k), we can save your HR staff time and money while satisfying employee needs and corporate financial goals. Our 401(k) services include:

  • Individual Onsite Enrollments
  • Co-Fiduciary Service
  • Annual/Fiduciary Review
  • Flexible Plan Design
  • Employee Financial Advice and Counseling
  • Investment Advisory Service

Comprehensive Fiduciary Review Service