Employee Education

The Importance of an Annual Physical

We take our kids for regular check-ups including dental and vision appointments. We even take our dogs to the vet and give them preventive medications to stay healthy. But, when was the last time YOU had a doctor’s appointment. Not because you had the flu or strep throat, but because it was time for your…
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Wellness News: Get Moving Outdoors

Days are getting longer, the weather is fine and it's time to take your workout outside. Outdoor exercise has many advantages. To start, there's no gym fee. The air isn't stuffy and a breeze helps you stay cool. And best of all, working out outside feels more like fun and less like a chore. The…
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Taming the Costs of Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are vital to preventing and treating illness. And, sometimes, prescription drugs help us avoid more costly medical problems down the road. However, rising costs of health care and prescription drugs make a big impact on most families’ pocketbooks. According to Kaiser Health News spending in the U.S. for prescription drugs was $259.1 billion…
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