The Giving Tree

Associates at Diversified Insurance Solutions participated in Volunteer Milwaukee's Giving Tree Program for the 6th consecutive year. The program works by associates picking a "tag", which has some general information (male/female, age) and a few gift suggestions. The associate then goes out, buys the gift and places it under the tree. Once all the gifts are placed under the tree they are donated to Volunteer Milwaukee who delivers them to the recipient.

The recipient of the Giving Tree gifts this year was the St. Anna Center for Intergenerational Care, on organization dedicated to providing community-based health and educational services for children, adults, the elderly and those with disabilities, while serving as a resource and support for caregivers.

St. Anna was very grateful for the gifts for their clients and stated "Thank you deeply for all the gifts you sponsored to our clients at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care. The clients have completed the Thank you cards and I mailed them yesterday and here is the pictures from our Holiday Party for the clients. Once again thank you and have a wonderful year."

St. Anna was kind enough to share some pictures of the gifts being received which is why Diversified continues to participate in the Giving Tree program.

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