Keeping Sidewalks and Parking Lots Safe This Winter

Every winter thousands of people across the country are injured slipping and falling on snow and ice. Some of these injuries are unavoidable, but most are preventable if you follow proper protocol to keep your business’s walkways and parking lots as free from snow and ice as possible. Insurance companies across the country will attest that every single year they see a dramatic increase in claims activity during the winter months because of slipping and falling due to wintery conditions. Taking a proactive approach can help protect you, your employees, and your business from injuries this winter.

Remove Snow Promptly: The sooner you remove snow after a snowfall the better. The longer the snow sits the more likely it is going to be walked and driven on making it much more difficult to remove effectively. In addition, the longer you leave snow on your business’s premises the more likely it is going to result in someone slipping and injuring themselves.

Utilize Salt, Sand, and De-Icing Compounds: Shoveling, snow blowing and plowing can only do so much to remove snow and ice. To add an extra layer of protection on your walkways and parking lots liberally sprinkle snow, sand, or a de-icing compound. Utilizing these components will keep ice from forming and add extra traction to help prevent slips and falls.

Keep a Record of Work Done: Another great way to protect your business this winter is to keep a record every time snow removal work is done. This way you can know exactly what was done and by whom. Having a record is a great way to make sure the work is being done properly and promptly.

Consider Using a Snow Removal Contractor: If possible, contracting a snow removal professional is another option to ensure effective, prompt removal of snow and ice. Snow removal contractors can also protect your business from liability if someone was to suffer an injury due to slipping and falling on your premises since they would be responsible for keeping your property clear of ice and snow.

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