Diversified’s Cyber Liability Seminar Recap

Diversified Insurance Solutions’ 2015 Education Series continued with our third seminar of the year addressing one of the most popular topics: Cyber Liability. Hosted at the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee, the event featured a full breakfast and a keynote address from TechSquad IT CEO Chris Wiser.

Chris started his address by discussing the magnitude of cyber crime; some of the most shocking statistics he shared included:

  • Cyber attacks jumped by 78% in 2013
  • 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked every day
  • Cyber crime is a $2 trillion business
  • 2 million new viruses are created each month

Chris then went into detail describing all the reasons cyber criminals commit their crimes. Some of the primary objectives of cyber criminals include:

  • Stealing credit card numbers
  • Accessing bank accounts
  • Identity theft
  • Obtaining medical records

He detailed all of the sophisticated methods employed by these criminals to accomplish their objectives and concluded with the 8 simple ways people can protect themselves from cyber crime:

  1. Protect your credit cards & bank accounts
  2. Secure your IT (Firewalls/AV/Spyware)
  3. Use a dedicated banking PC
  4. Implement policies
  5. Perform employee background checks
  6. Create a business continuity plan
  7. Educate your employees
  8. Have adequate insurance

After his address, all of the seminar attendees stayed for a Q & A session where the sheer volume of questions demonstrated how both Chris raised concerns about cyber crime and influenced them to take steps to prevent it.

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