2016 Employee Benefit Compliance Seminar Recap

August 28, 2016: On Thursday, August 25th, Diversified Insurance Solutions hosted their 2016 Employee Benefit Compliance Update Seminar at the Milwaukee County Zoo’s Peck Welcome Center. The event featured an ACA Overview from Bob Radecki, the Principal of Benefit Comply LLC, followed by a panel discussion with Bob Radecki, Aurora Health Care Senior Vice President of Commercial Growth Scott Austin, and Milliman Consulting Actuary Mike Gaal.

Diversified Insurance Solutions Director of Strategic Solutions, Matt Weimer, welcomed attendees to the event and introduced Bob Radecki who commenced with his 2016 ACA and Benefit Compliance Update. Bob covered numerous topics including:

  • ACA and Benefit Compliance
    • Affordability Requirements
    • Subsidy Eligibility
    • Employer Mandates
    • Employer Safe Harbors
    • Exchange Appeal Notices
    • ACA 1557 Non-discrimination
    • 5500 Reporting
  • Wellness Rules Changes
    • EEOC Wellness Rules
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Wellness Rules
    • HIPPA Wellness Rules
    • Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA) Rules
    • How these rules apply to your Wellness Program?
    • HIPPA Applicability
    • Employers & HIPPA
    • HIPPA Privacy
    • HIPPA Security
    • HIPPA Enforcement
    • Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Audit Details
  • Employer Reporting
    • 2016 ACA Reporting Instructions
    • 2015 Reporting Issues

After a short break, the seminar resumed with a panel discussion. Each of the panelists gave a brief presentation on their respected areas and then the program concluded with questions. Scott Austin began the discussion and talked about how the Affordable Care Act is impacting the Aurora Health System and other Health Systems. He also described how the ACA is affecting Aurora Health Care as well as employers. Then, Mike Gaal discussed how the upcoming election may have an impact the ACA. He outlined several scenarios of what could happen depending on the results of Congressional, Senatorial and Presidential elections.

During the seminar, attendees were encouraged to write any questions down on notecards to be collected periodically and presented to the Panel for discussion after their presentations. The questions covered a wide variety of questions, some of them included:

  • Telemedicine – How its increase in popularity is affecting healthcare and what employers should be doing with it.
  • ERISA Lawsuits – What to do if these situations arise and how to avoid them.
  • Defining FTEs – An important component of ACA Compliance is determining how many Full-Time Employees your organization has. Understanding the formula for calculating FTEs was covered in detail to help clarify any confusion.

Attendees offered lots of positive feedback after the event and appreciated Bob’s ability to cover the complexity of ACA and Benefit Compliance in an easy to understand way. They also enjoyed the panel component since Mike and Scott offered different perspectives on Compliance along with the ability to ask questions and start a dialogue with a diverse group of industry experts.

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