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Wellness News: All About Vitamin D

Many people take a multivitamin supplement each day—it makes you feel like you are filling in the gaps where your diet might be lacking. But, did you know your multivitamin may not be giving you one very important vitamin, vitamin D? How does it work? Vitamin D plays several key roles in your body. Most importantly,…
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The Flu: The Bug That’s Easy to Catch

Timing of the flu season varies in different parts of the world and from season to season. Generally, the dates of flu season in the United States run from October to May, with a peak between December and February. Flu viruses are more stable and remain airborne longer in cold and dry conditions, making it easier to…
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Wellness News: Move More, Live Longer

Move More, Live Longer People today are living longer and remaining active and healthy longer. People who live in the United States today can expect to live to the age of 78 on average. A century ago, life expectancy was about 54 years. Genetics, access to health care, access to healthy food, weight, lifestyle choices…
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10 Benefits of Participating in Company Wellness Programs

Even if your company doesn't have a robust Wellness Program, you can still participate in wellness activities with your coworkers. There are many benefits to adding exercise and good nutrition to your lifestyle at work; see below for 10 of our favorites: Fun Sometimes work gets repetitive and exhausting. This drains morale and lowers productivity.…
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Wellness News: Oral Health Matters

Mouths are full of bacteria. While most of it is harmless, brushing and flossing helps to keep the bacteria level in your mouth under control. But without daily care, bacteria can reach levels that might lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Brushing Basics So, what exactly are we doing when we brush our teeth?…
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In- vs Out-of-Network Providers

Looking for ways to save on health care costs? Stick with the network. Using the network will save you money A network is a group of health care providers, including doctors, specialists, dentists, hospitals, labs and other facilities. These health care providers have agreed to provide medical services to health insurance members—you and your covered…
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Wellness News: The Big Freeze

July Quick Takes: Fresh Picks for Summer Fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a healthy diet. And it's so easy to put these nutritious foods on your plate in the summertime. Choice is huge, flavor is at its peak and price is often at the lowest. It's hard to dispute the health benefits…
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