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Why You Should Invest in Telemedicine

March 10, 2016: Telemedicine is a rapidly expanding new method of treatment in which patients can access healthcare providers remotely through electronic communication. Some of these channels include video conferencing, smart phones, tablets, email and others. By using telemedicine, patients can quickly connect 24/7 to an accredited healthcare professional without having to come into a…
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2016 Education Series Recap – Top Issues That Keep HR up at Night

Diversified Insurance Solutions kicked off their 2016 Education Series on Wednesday, February 24th with the eagerly anticipated topic – Top Issues That Keep HR up at Night: Exploring Workplace and Legal Issues of HR Professionals. The event took place at Brookfield’s Westmoor Country Club and began with registration and a continental breakfast before commencing with…
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Flooded Basement: Are you Covered?

After rising temperatures cause a major snow melt or a heavy rain shower you discover that your basement is full of water, but your Homeowners Insurance Policy will cover the damages right? Unfortunately, in many cases the answer is not necessarily and the average loss to an unfinished basement is $10,000. The reason is that…
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Changes to the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Law

Recently, the Wisconsin State Assembly and Senate passed a bill approved by the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Council that makes several changes to the existing Worker’s Compensation Law. Assembly Bill 724 contains over 20 new provisions and will take affect (assuming Gov. Walker signs the bill into law) in the beginning of April. Some of these…
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What is Social Engineering Email Fraud and How it Can Cost Your Business?

Practitioners of cyber-crime are always coming up with clever ways to steal money or valuable information. One of the newest, but relatively unsophisticated methods is done by only using an email, fax, letter or with a phone call.  This new cyber con is called Social Engineering Email Fraud. The way it works is an employee…
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2016 HR Hot Topics

Topic #1: Enhanced Wellness Programs 2015 was an eventful year in the world of human resources primarily due to all the complications caused by the reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act. 2016 is shaping up to be an action-packed year for HR professionals. To help keep you ahead of the game I have identified…
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Preventing and Responding to Frozen Pipes

Did you know that every winter over a quarter million Americans will be affected by damage from frozen pipes? Water damage from frozen pipes accounts for 22% of all property damage claims and over the past decade has cost insurance companies over $4 billion according to the Institute for Business and Home Safety. How do…
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The Giving Tree

Associates at Diversified Insurance Solutions participated in Volunteer Milwaukee's Giving Tree Program for the 6th consecutive year. The program works by associates picking a "tag", which has some general information (male/female, age) and a few gift suggestions. The associate then goes out, buys the gift and places it under the tree. Once all the gifts…
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