Monthly Archives: October 2017

Wellness News: All About Vitamin D

Many people take a multivitamin supplement each day—it makes you feel like you are filling in the gaps where your diet might be lacking. But, did you know your multivitamin may not be giving you one very important vitamin, vitamin D? How does it work? Vitamin D plays several key roles in your body. Most importantly,…
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The Flu: The Bug That’s Easy to Catch

Timing of the flu season varies in different parts of the world and from season to season. Generally, the dates of flu season in the United States run from October to May, with a peak between December and February. Flu viruses are more stable and remain airborne longer in cold and dry conditions, making it easier to…
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Automated Products

Automated Products is a leading-edge manufacturing company of roof and floor trusses, panels, engineered wood products, and metal connector material. With ownership having a strong Military background, Automated Products also gives back to the community by discounting and donating material for Veteran facilities and group homes. “This staff has been such a valuable resource for…
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