Monthly Archives: July 2016

“Bend the Spend” Series.

August 26, 2016: David Stark, Senior Vice President & Shareholder, introduces “Bend the Spend” Series. One of the most significant expenses for any business and their valued employees is their group health plan along with the other employee benefits.  Year over year increases in costs drive benefit program decisions that affect both the employer and…
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Say NO to Pokémon Go and Driving

July 20, 2016: It is official, Pokémon Go is a world-wide phenomenon. Within 24 hours of its release the game topped the United States App Store’s “Top Grossing” and “Free” charts. In less than one week after the game’s release it also eclipsed the average daily users of popular apps like Snapchat, Tinder, Twitter, Instagram…
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Lake Lawn Resort

For over 130 years Lake Lawn has provided one of the award-winning leisure getaways in Wisconsin. With over two miles of private lakefront, Lake Lawn features almost 300 guest rooms spread throughout multiple buildings which allows them to host several thousand guests. Lake Lawn features a wide array of amenities and activities for guests to…
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